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What is Drishti?

Today, technology plays a central role in our lives. From touchless interfaces for payments, to online platforms for exam preparation and learning - technology enabled solutions have made our lives faster, better and more connected. However, the benefits of technology have not reached everyone. Even in this day and age - over 2 million visually challenged students across India depend on a qualified scribe to physically assist them in completing their exams. We want to change that!

At The Vision Trust, we have built a first-of-its-kind, online, voice-based, variable-speed, multilingual testing platform called Drishti, Sankrit for Vision. Using Drishti, over 2,500 students across 18 states in India have been able to practice and prepare for different MCQ based exams in 3 different languages - English, Hindi and Gujarati.

What Makes Drishti Special

We are excited at the limitless potential of using the power of technology to empower the visually challenged student community of India to live a life of dignity and independence.
Cloud-connected TTS Platform
Drishti uses Amazon Polly to power the TTS interface for the test-prep platform.
Variable Speed Support
Because not every user likes to hear voice at the same speed. Using simply keystrokes, you can vary the speed of speech delivery to match your requirement.
Multilingual Platform
Drishti can support 3 different languages to expand reach and access of the platform to students learning in local languages. We are looking to support all of India’s 22 regional languages and make it a truly national platform!

Delivering a National Impact



Here's what our students have to say!

Ranchhod Soni
Mentor and Coordinator,
Technology Center for the Blind,
Blind People's Association
Vidhi Shah
Coach and Project Coordinator,
Technology Center for the Blind,
Blind People's Association
Arnav Chopra
Founder and Creator,
Drishti, The Vision Trust,
Senior, Ahmedabad International School
Arnav Chopra
Top 30 innovator award from Chief Minister Vijay Rupani